Literary Translations

I am an English-French translator. If you're an editor, I am available right now. Here are some of my literary translations.

If you want to me to translate anglo-american texts that have not yet been translated in French, you can contact me at:


A poem often quoted by John Merrick (Elephantman)

Edgar Allan POE | Annabel Lee | Alone (Seul) | A Dream within a Dream (Un rêve dans un rêve) | The Raven (Le corbeau) | The Lake (Le lac)

W. B. YEATS | A Poet to his Beloved (Un poète à sa bien-aimée)


NABOKOV Vladimir | The Eye (Le guetteur)

SALINGER | The Catcher in the Rye (L'Attrape-Coeur)


Sherman Alexie | The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven Le vagabond solitaire

Edgar Allan POE | Eleonora | The Black Cat (Le chat noir)

Sherwood ANDERSON - Nobody Knows | Personne ne le sait |Hands

Katherine MANSFIELD | Feuille d'Album


Ian Curtis (JOY DIVISION) | Love will tear us apart (L'amour nous déchirera) - Decades (Décennies) - Passover (Passage) - Atrocity Exhibition (Le musée des horrreurs)

Sonic Youth | Sunday

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