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Google picasso search engine

The best search engine in the world. You search it. You find it.


Mamma The mother of all search engines

Researchbuzz The latest news about search engines. Excellent newsletter

Abondance The French search engine bible about search engines and web positioning

Search Engine Watch Tips About Internet Search

A S I A C O    T H E    A S I A    S E A R C H    E N G I N E



New York Times

The best American newspaper on line

LE MONDE The best French newspaper on line

The Guardian The best English newspaper, especially for its cultural pages

The Newseum The world's only interactive museum of news. It is located in Roslyn VA. across the Key bridge from Washington DC


Dostoevsky research station
The most complete site about Dostoevsky

Dostoevsky Discussion group Excellent discussion group to talk about Dostoevsky over and over again!

Project Gutenberg 16000 free ebooks online

SOVLIT Soviet literature summarized. Classics, Socialist Realism, Spy Stories, Science Fiction, Humor, Childrens Literature, etc. Encyclopedia of Soviet Authors.

Blackmask Download tons of free great classics of literature (in PDF) from around the world and outer space

The Academy of American Poets presents poems, biographies of poets, historical and thematic poetry exhibits, events calendars, discussion forums, contest information, and much more. French Literary and political magazine proposing short and unpublished texts in full version, of recognized contemporary writers (Bon, Serena, Bouvet, Mestanza, Sigaud, Fellous, Nabokov, Moulene, Sansal, Kaplan, Genka, Quintane, Tarkos, Prigent, Pages, Cazorla, Lacoste), documents, enquiries, and an important number of book reviews...

Michel Houellebecq Official site of the subversive French writer

Le Matricule des Anges (can by translated in English by "The registration of angels") Excellent literary French magazine. The best of today's literature, all your French language books. The censored library provides in several languages writings of authors giving their perspectives of the social or political situations, interviews with authors from all points of the world, who are being hosted in Cities of Asylum, Analyses and thoughts on literary creativity, on its link to the society that produces it and on the current status of cultural activities and the examples of censoring currently practiced in the world. provides more general coverage of the International Parliament of Writers and the Asylum City network.

Sherman Alexie Official site of the great native American writer

A Celebration of Women Writers Great female writers!

Go To Project Gutenberg


Existentialism web ring
 You think Nietzsche is the greatest philosopher of all times?! I agree with you!

The Realm of Existentialism

Existentialist Philosophy


All music guide

The best music guide


Jazz Valley The world encyclopaedia of jazz

Fat Possum Records Not the same old blues crap, raw and unpolished blues, artists include R.L. Burnside, Junior Kimbrough, T-Model Ford, Robert Belfour, Elmo Williams, Hezekiah Early, Hasil Adkins, Neckbones, 20 Miles, Robert Cage, Cedell Davis, Jelly Roll Kings, Paul Wine Jones, Johnny Farmer, Frank Roach, Super Chikan,Country Teasers.
Here's what Iggy Pop had to say about fat possum in the new Arthur magazine: Iggy Pop : Fat Possum is the only decent record company in this country. They're the only ones putting out consistently good product, and their shit is the only new shit I listen to for pleasure. I'll go out and buy the White Stripes because I think I should hear the new White Stripes album, but if I want to listen to something for pleasure or genuine interest, I go to Fat Possum.

Shadowplay Home Page Comprehensive site about Joy Division, the greatest rock band of all times

Martin Hannett the great producer of Joy Division


Internet Movie Database
The Internet Movie Database Is David Lynch a madman or a genius or both? This is the way, step inside!

The City of Absurdity The mysterious world of David Lynch

Top 100 Movie Lists Aaron Caldwells top 100

Greatest films of French cinema A selection of 100 films in 4 collections, from 1930 until today

Midnight Eye The latest and best in Japanese cinema

Tons of free movie scripts

Screen Talk Screenplays


Internet Movie Database



Mark Harden's Artchive

ArtMagick Your source of visual intoxication

Olga's Gallery Online Art Museum

Edvard Munch The Dance of Life Site. A magnificent site dedicated to the Norwegian expressionist painter! Encyclopedia of Art


The State Hermitage Museum | MOMA | Modern Tate | Centre Pompidou | Guggenheim Museum | The Museum of museums


Masters of Photography

PHOTOLOGY Nobuyoshi Araki, the best Japanese photographer

Nobuyoshi araki photography


Bill Plympton On-Line So cool, man!

AtomFilms Flash delirious animations


Web Wombat

Search: Australian Global

Aborigines: Aboriginal Art Online Australian Aboriginal Art - Aboriginal Studies - DESART Authentic Aboriginal Artwork - Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Art

Australian literature: Project Gutenberg of Australia - Australian Literature on the Internet

Live in Australia: Employment opportunities in Australia - Immigration Australia - Australian yellow pages


Amadeus Translations - Translation services by qualified language translators. Amadeus Translations offers translation services into and from most of the world languages.

MISCELLANEOUS Piero's on-line cultural magazine and archive. resources about Cognitive Science, Consciousness, Artificial Intelligence, Rock Music, New Age Music, Electronica, Cinema, Travel, Literature, Fiction, Internet, Object Orientation

19th Century Medical Curiosities / Elephant Man HomePage

Death Clock How long do you have to go??? Will you die soon? Sooner or Later? Cure your hangover and have a ramdom cure!

Zen Now, concentrate on your mind!

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Joke and Riddle Search!


Beauty Will Save The World My blog about literature, music, cinema...

My personal site about Dostoevsky (in French)


SitePro News

Get More Accomplished Through Virtual Outsourcing



Neon City

The biggest and best collection of amazing neon signs anywhere, thousands of words, home page signs, dingbats and tubes, all totally FREE. If you're looking for something totally amazing for your web pages then Neon City is the place, the most authentic neon anywhere !! Great design for your site Website Optimization, Promotion, Audit

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