Kurt Cobain

Raw Power – Stooges
Surfer Rosa – Pixies
POD – Breeders
Pink EP – Vaselines
Philosophy of the World – Shaggs
Land Shark – Fang
Millions of Dead Cops – M.D.C
1st EP – Saccharin Trust
Pee Pee the Sailor – Butthole Surfers
My War – Black Flag
Rock for Light – Bad Brains
Entertainment – Gang of Four
Nevermind the Bollocks – Sex Pistols
It’s only Right and Natural – Frogs
Dry – P.J. Harvey
Daydream Nation – Sonic Youth
Get the Knack – The Knack
Know your Product – The Saints
Anything by : Kleenex
Raincoats LP – Raincoats
Colossal Youth – Young Marble Giants
Rocks – Aerosmith
What is this ? Punk Comp California
Green – R.E.M
Burning Farm Cassette – Shonen Knife
Typical Girls – Slits
Combat Rock – Clash
Void/Faith EP - Void/Faith
Rites of Spring - Rites of Spring
Jamboree – Beat Happening
Tales of Terror - Tales of Terror
Last Sessions Vol.1 – Leadbelly
Superfuzz Bigmuff – Mudhoney
YIP jump music – Daniel Johnston
Generic Flipper – Flipper
Meet the Beatles – The Beatles
We are those who ache with amorous love – Half Japanese
Locust Abortion Technician – Butthole Surfers
Damaged – Black Flag
The Record – Fear
Flowers of Romance – PIL
Takes a Nation of Millions – Public Enemy
Beach Party – Marine Girls
The Man who sold the world – David Bowie
Is this real ? Wipers
Youth of America – Wipers
Mazzy Star - Mazzy Star
Raping a Slave – Swans
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